Workflow Design and System Engineering
Design and document the ´┐Żstep by step´┐?workflow and processes with the customer for accomplishing the task effectively.

´┐?Producing wiring, workflow and system diagrams.

System Design and Sales Proposal
´┐?Prepare and design a system solution in line with the client´┐Żs immediate, mid term and long term requirements.

´┐?Proposals can include a basic system solution drawing.

´┐?Prepare a sales proposal based on clients´┐?requirements and an agreed specification.

´┐?This Specification will form part of the acceptance documentation procedure.

Our Main Activity is Designing Integrated Bespoke Products and Providing Complete Turnkey Systems and Custom Solutions.
´┐?MVI Broadcast Systems provides a competitive advantage to its clients by offering the best price performance rated solutions from different manufacturers that are fully integrated and supported by ourselves.

´┐?Most Integrators today either offer solutions from a single manufacturer which tends to be more expensive and less flexible or a multi manufacturer solution without sufficient support and in some cases leaving the client to suffer incompatibility issues. MVI Broadcast Systems Ltd will take part or all of each manufacturers annual support fees to train and provide a professional support department. Please read below the introduction to our key services;

´┐?A strategic overview of the client´┐Żs needs and (if applicable) analyzing the existing technology in place.

´┐?Holding informal sessions about suitable technologies and products to meet the goals. These sessions will form a business case for the project.
Bespoke Software
and Hardware Development

´┐?After studying the client´┐Żs needs, MVI Broadcast Systems Ltd. will decide whether to offer an ´┐Żoff the shelf´┐?product or a custom designed product or a mixture of both.

´┐?Where any custom software or hardware is offered, MVI Broadcast Systems Ltd. will also propose an ongoing annual Software Maintenance and Support contract.

´┐? Where ´┐Żoff the shelf´┐?products are offered, MVI Broadcast Systems will undertake the manufacturer training and support the product directly with the client.

´┐?/span> Planning to ensure that both the clients and companies objectives are met
´┐?/span> Organising and co-ordinating all resources
´┐?/span> Monitoring of progress, expenditure and quality to ensure satisfaction
´┐?/span> Controlling and taking action when or if things deviate from the agreed plan
´┐?/span> Leading the Project Team that will include staff and external contract staff
´┐?/span> Regular reporting of project progress and the compiling of full documentation
´┐?/span> Define part and full system commissioning and ensure compliance

´┐?/span> Define system acceptance test procedures from the original agreed specification
´┐?/span> Ensure the system solution meets acceptance tests to clients satisfaction
´┐?/span> Ensure the system is ´┐Żhanded over´┐?in a timely manner to the client
´┐?/span> Ensure the system documentation and responsibility is handed over to the support department so that any maintenance and support agreements can begin
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